【Ukulele at home】 Practice song recommended for beginners and children


It is not limited to ukulele, but it is a shortcut to improve to practice favorite songs and songs that you want to play.

However, if the song level is too difficult, there is a possibility that you will be frustrated in the middle.

So this time,
(1) children and adults know popular songs
(2) can work while maintaining motivation with moderate difficulty
(3) the balance of reproduction condition and arrangement condition of the original song is just right, it is fun to play! It feels good! It’s cool! I would like to introduce the song of the solo ukulele and the score of the recommendation by myself.


Recommended score 1. After all, the standard is Ghibli.

First of all, it is a song of the classic Ghibli.

If you haven’t listened to a song you’ve played in a ukulele, you might not be able to imagine it for a moment, but there are a lot of songs that match the atmosphere of the ukulele.

Also, children have heard all the songs, so it’s perfect for everyone to take on the challenge first.

What I would like to introduce in the score is the Studio Ghibli works of solo ukulele (Edito Ohashi)

As for the difficulty level, there are some difficult songs, but if you try to play only a single note of the melody part without trying to play the difficult part as it is, you can arrange it in your own way, so if you improve, you can practice for quite a long time in this one book by increasing the number of sounds.

Next, I would like to introduce three songs that I would like you to try to practice first.

Practice 1.Sanpo (My Neighbor Totoro)

It is the opening theme of “My Neighbor Totoro”, and it is a super classic song that even kindergarten students can understand most children.

It’s a song that cheers you up, and you can practice singing with your kids.

However, I think that it takes a lot of practice to be able to play properly from the intro or to be able to play it properly because it is a little bouncy rhythm of the shuffle, so I think that it is good to work in parallel with other songs.

Like this song, a song that can be practiced for a long period of time is also recommended in the sense that you can feel your progress and problems, including rhythm, tempo, and expressiveness.

Exercise 2.The City with a View of the Sea (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

This song is a slow song that feels a little sad.

Unlike “Sanpo”, children may not be very interested, but there is a moist atmosphere unique to ukulele, and it is one song that I want to keep in the repertoire.

Exercise 3. Always as many times as you like (Spirited Away)

This is a song especially recommended for beginners.

Since it is a composition that is easy compared to the previous two songs overall, such as fingering, rhythm, tempo, etc., I think that it is best to practice this song to be able to play through one song first.

In addition, it is comfortable even if you play it or listen to it, so as the song name suggests, let’s always play it as many times as you like and make it your own.

Recommended score 2.If you are a boy, Super Mario!

There is a place like a little story, but the name recognition is high, and it is very fun to play it because it is actually high degree of perfection as a song.

Especially if you are a boy, if you show you on YOUTUBE, you want to be able to do it yourself!I think.

The arrangement and the explanation etc. of the tune may be better if it goes up to YOUTUBE, but I will introduce this as a score that is also Nintendo supervision and approval.

Play with Solo Ukulele Super Mario Series / Super Best CD (Japanese)

In addition, because of the background music for the game, it is not possible to sing unlike Ghibli, but as I will introduce later, there is a way to enjoy a session with two people.I want you to try it by all means if you start with a parent and child.

Practice 1.Ground Stage/ Underground Stage BGM (Super Mario Brothers 1)

Speaking of Super Mario, these two songs, super Mario Bros. 1 ground stage and underground stage.

I want to be able to play two songs with the same degree of perfection instead of one or the other.

This is because each song is connected in the game, so if you play the song of the underground stage after the song of the ground stage, you can enjoy the bonus that Mario entered the earthen pipe and moved from the ground to the underground.

Practice 2.Ground Stage BGM (New Super Mario Bros.U)

This is a new one in the Mario series.

It will be a song that the current generation of children who are playing on Nintendo SWITCH knows well, so I think it would be a good idea to add this to the repertoire you practice.

Practice?Sound effects (jump, coin, earthen pipe)

It is not a song, but you can reproduce the sound effects that sound when Mario takes action in the game or when something happens in the ukulele.

For example, when Mario jumps, when Mario gets coins, When Mario enters the earthen pipe, when the time up is near etc. By putting these in between songs and songs during the performance of the song, you can express the “Mario’s view of the world” introduced earlier more realistically, and you can also ad lib and arrange your own.

In addition, it is especially recommended for those who are doing ukulele with parents and children, one person plays the background music of the stage, you can play an im
promptu session by the role that the other person plays the sound effects.

Specifically, while playing a song on the ground stage, the other person in charge of playing the sound effects will play a sound effect that enters the earthen pipe at any time, and you can stop playing the ground stage and start playing it by turning it into a song on the underground stage.

You may decide a certain amount of stories, and once you get used to it, it will be interesting to try everything ad lib.

Recommended score 3.Disney after all

It is Disney that it is not possible to take it off after all.

It is an overwhelmingly well-known song in the world, and there are various arrangements such as jazz, classical music, and metal in the piano and the band performance originally.

If you refer to them, you will be able to play in various ukuleles in the future by changing and arranging rhythms.

This time, I will introduce this as a score to be able to play to the standard first.

[Low-G correspondence] solo ukulele standard – Disney best hit to play in the best arrangement – [with reference performance CD]

Exercise 1.Wish upon a Star / When You Wish Upon a Star / Movie “Pinocchio”

This song goes beyond the boundaries of Disney, and it is the existence which can be said to be representative of the ukulele introduction tune which is selected for various scores.

Exercise 2. Under the Sea / Under the Sea / Movie “The Little Mermaid”

It is a song that is very energetic popular with children.

It is a song that fits even if you play it slowly, but it becomes cool when you play it vigorously with a little up tempo.

Exercise 3.Hall New World / A Whole New World / Movie “Aladdin”

This is rather a selection for adults.

It is better to play even more moist than the original song.

In conclusion

The practice song introduced this time is not something that can be played immediately, but if it is only the melody part, if you practice carefully with the feeling that it is only rust, I think that you can play it for a long time.

Why don’t you practice as one of your repertoire?