Necessity and points of hygiene management in the home by simple life


I want to stay healthy every day, but there are times when my performance is degraded due to poor physical condition such as a cold, or I become unmotivated.

The most important thing is to improve immunity through sleep, diet, exercise, etc.,
but as a countermeasure against recent covid-19, flu, norovirus infection and hay fever, I believe that not only physical condition management but also hygiene management in the home will become more and more important in the future.

Therefore, I would like to introduce the points of hygiene management in the home from the viewpoint of minimalistic-simple-life this time.


Need for hygiene management

In the case of the cover-19, the route of human-to-human infection is clarified by the examination of the person who has a case and the person with a concentrated contact,but in fact, it is possible to re-acknowledge that the infection route from person to person is basically the same ascover-19 although the infection power and the route of infection to the body are slightly different, such as conventional so-called common colds and flu.

And, it is believed that the vaccine of the new coronavirus will be developed in the near future, but for now, this virus itself will never be eradicated, and the view that it will fall into the world just like a conventional cold virus is powerful.

In other words, the world ahead (as was the case so far…) is always at risk of infection.

However, it is impossible not to go to the place where the person gathers as much as possible, and to restrict the life outside or to set the restriction.

In addition, if hygiene management is not well incorporated into the lifestyle, it is not necessary to be thrown into the information of the media, to purchase various goods and home appliances, to devote yourself to sterilization and disinfection work, and to spend a lot of money (time, effort, money) on hygiene management.

Points to keep in mind at home hygiene management

All you need to do is keep it simple and not bring the virus into your home.

So how do you prevent viruses from being brought into your home?

I would like to introduce the way of thinking and the actual case.

Clearly separate the “outside” and “inside” of the house

The basic idea is to clearly separate the things outside the house from those in the house.

Specifically, when I got home, I kept my belongings and jackets when I went out to the front door, and went straight to the bath without touching anywhere as much as possible. Immediately put the clothes in the washing machine.

I think that most people feel that it is troublesome and inconvenient though the person who likes cleanliness and the fastidiousness often go.

However, once you get home, you can wash your hands when you get home, brush your teeth when you eat rice, and the biggest advantage is that you will be able to spend comfortably in the house without any special concern in the house after that.In addition, spring is also a measure against hay fever, especially in Japan.

In particular, in families where multiple people live together, I think it is effective to focus on this water’s edge measures in order to spend comfortably with each other while reducing the risk of mass infection.

From now on, when I come home from going out, I will explain how to switch from “outside” to “medium” of the house.


First of all, it is the entrance that passes when coming back from the outside.

This is where the outside and the inside of the house switch, so it is a very important point.

Let’s be conscious that the place where the entrance is outside and went up the entrance is inside.

Organize your shoes to the extent that they don’t touch other shoes as much as possible so that you don’t touch other shoes and keep them clean so that you don’t have to step on the ground or other shoes of the front door when you take them off.

In our house, the outerwear and the belt etc. are made to the layout to put it in the entrance.

In addition, when I try on a case or change into slippers like taking off my shoes when I go out, I wear slippers when I go up to my room.


Because the body is in the state outside, it moves from the entrance to the washroom without touching anywhere as much as possible, and the hand washing gargling is finished.

It is convenient to light the corridor, toilet, and washroom of the human sensor, and it is effective in hygiene.

A bath

I put on my clothes and take them off to the bathroom and here.

Now, when you get out of the bath, everything switches to the state in the house.

I think that it is assumed that clothes and belongings are simple as described in the method for reducing the thing and living comfortably only one point though the above procedure is actually practiced by the whole family in my home.In a situation where the inside of the house is full of things, the boundary between the inside and outside of the house becomes invisible.

In addition, simple life can coexist with the fact that disaster countermeasures are described in .
Even if new problems arise in the future, we believe that we can flexibly respond by pursuing and styling a simple lifestyle.